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My Christmas ... my plans for 2013

Published:Monday | December 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Bernadette Kerr
Carlene Bryce
Monique Bowers
Nardia Robinson
Natalie Malcolm
Adia Solomon
Antoninette Lyn and Dorothy -Jean Monteith
Pearl Smith

Christmas, a season of spreading good cheer, is centred on family, friends, gifts and fun, with individuals looking towards a brighter future for the upcoming year. The Flair asked ten Jamaican women from varying backgrounds how they planned to celebrate Christmas this year and what they are looking forward to for 2013.

Carlene Bryce

Woolworth in New Kingston Shopping Centre

I plan to spend my Christmas with family in Woodford, St Andrew. I intend to cook and eat dinner a big Christmas dinner, play music and run jokes with each other. For 2013, I would like to own my home and save more money towards starting my own business.

Narda Robinson

Marketing representative

I will be going to church and will be spending time with my family this Christmas, and for 2013, I desire to grow spiritually, and once that happens, everything else will fall into place.

Adia Solomon

Promoter for E.W. Abraham and Sons

I am going to visit my family in Trelawny and attend the beach while I am there. I will be attending family dinners, both Christmas and Boxing Day. I will also be volunteering my services by reading to the children at the University Hospital of the West Indies. In 2013, it will be a good year to make more money.

Antoinette Lyn and Dorothy-Jean Monteith,

Research for Jamaica Tourist Board

We will be spending Christmas with our families and we want 2013 to be a family-oriented year, filled with more love, more togetherness and less confrontation.

Tina Davis

Customs Officer

I will be spending this Christmas with my family and I am expecting more life, health and prosperity for 2013, not only for me, but for my families and friends as well.

Natalie Malcolm

Administrator, Global Institute of Certified Specialist

I will be working this Christmas Day, but I still plan to go to Christmas dinner in the evening.

Bernadette Kerr


I will be spending time with my family, exchanging gifts and having dinner.

Our company is celebrating Christmas this year by purchasing gifts and distributing them to different health-care facilities. I am hopeful for a very prosperous, healthy progressive year for 2013.

Pearl Smith

Customs Relations Officer

I will be getting some rest this Christmas, and spend the time having a small dinner with my family. I am celebrating this Christmas season by baking and selling Christmas cakes. For 2013, I am looking forward to good health and I hope that persons will live together in unity more, so that we can have a better country.

Monique Bowers


I will be going out and partying this Christmas, and partake in Christmas dinner with my children and family. I would like to continue my studies in cosmetology, and stay focused in my job for 2013.