Mon | Jun 25, 2018

And we are still here ...

Published:Monday | December 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Daviot Kelly

Another doomsday prediction, another group of people looking stupid and crazy.

For those who haven't really been following the news, Friday was supposed to be the end of time. I know what you're saying: "Again!?" That's like the third time in two years that people have been predicting, with great certainty no less, that the world was coming to an abrupt, and not too serene end. No slow winding-up like your beloved soap opera. Nope, this is the 'crash-bang' type of thing with lots of fire, from different sources (volcanoes, meteors from the heavens and stuff like that).

There are certain things I have never been able to figure out. In this particular case, it's why are persons always fascinated with how humanity will end (if and when it ever does)? Wondering where we came from? That I can understand. Knowledge of one's roots can be very enlightening and at the very least, there's no such thing as too much information about your family. But why do we always want to know how we'll die? I can understand stargazers looking out for asteroids coming our way, but there always seems to be some nut who thrives on searching through religious texts, and coming up with some code/deduction that tells you how long we've got left.

And that one crazy bastard then just needs to convince a couple of people and before you know it, a new cult is born. What annoys me is that with the wide-reaching fingers of the Internet, and the proliferation of social media networks and apps, it is now easier than ever to spread 'the message'. Too bad the message is foolishness! Take the last prediction with the whole Mayan prophecy. Hollywood cashed in with movies like 2012, and even before that with The Day After Tomorrow and other global cataclysm stuff. And people lapped it up.

Here's an idea. Maybe, just maybe, we should focus on caring for the environment so the ice caps won't melt, sea levels won't rise, and weather systems won't get worse. How about we try living right, caring for our fellow man, running our countries' affairs better, getting the homeless OFF the streets, keeping our children IN school and other things we're supposed to be doing? Instead of dreaming about how we'll end, how about thinking up how we can make life better for all. I'm just saying, seriously, we have waaaay more important causes to be taking up.

But I know come next year, provided we get there of course, there's going to be some other misguided (at best) or downright insane (at worst) group that's going to frighten a whole new bunch of people with end-of-days rhetoric. I just hope I'm never fool-fool enough to believe it.