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Do not reopen scrap-metal trade

Published:Wednesday | December 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM
A work crew on a scrap-metal heap. - File


I am a citizen of the Woodford community located in the cool hills of East Rural St Andrew. The Woodford community is quite outstanding as it relates to community self-reliance, community groups for both the youth (police youth club, homework and learning centre) and senior citizens (senior citizens' association), farmers' association, among many others.

We have won the Michael Manley Award for Community Self-Reliance and won a handsome amount of money just recently for best farming practices. We boast one of the two certified organic farms on the island.


The community has been suffering greatly for the past three weeks since thieves have come in and have cut off large sections of the telephone cable at random spots.

The homework and learning centre is suffering but more so, all the students and adults who use the facility to aid them in their studies.

The entire community is saddened. All the telephone lines are out of service, as well as Internet, which residents pay for.

We are of the belief that this activity is directly related to the scrap-metal trade.

The Woodford Community Action group, of which I am also president, is trying its best to assist the residents and especially our young adults in this crisis.

We say the scrap-metal industry should not reopen. Too many other communities like Woodford are going to suffer likewise.

Carreann Hall