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LETTER OF THE DAY - Preserving normal family values

Published:Thursday | December 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The following is an open letter to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

DEAR LGBT Community:

Having been privileged to speak, via email, with several of the gay-rights lobbyists, and with actual gays and their supporters, and after reading for a while the responses of gays and their supporters to anything written against the gay lifestyle, one alarming thing has become evident to me. It is a fact that as soon as you firmly point out the fallacy of their arguments, and point to the perceived sin and abnormality involved, and stand your ground in doing so, the beast in several of them comes out, no matter how civil you may be to them. Almost in every case, even with those claiming to possess a high level education, they usually sink into a disturbing case of the name-calling syndrome, with their words often not suited for 'airplay'. It is simply appalling, yet revealing.

insults and personal attacks

When they realise that their use of the typical gay-rights arguments and self-preservation techniques don't work, such as accusatory (often contrived) words like homophobia, hate speech, discrimination, intolerance, religious superstition, bigotry, they usually resort to pseudo-psychology claiming that you are secretly a homosexual fighting your own urges, hence your opposing their lifestyle. When that doesn't work, they usually resort to the worst kinds of insults and personal attacks imaginable.

Yet, I will not be daunted. I will continue to go into the 'lion's den' and even face 'the hounds of hell' if it means I can inform and rescue even one soul from psycho-social confusion and spiritual damnation. Hear me well all Jamaican gays, lesbians, transvestites, bisexuals, etc! I am here to stay as one of a growing number of 'fighters for social sanity and traditional family values' in Jamaica! You are organised and working overtime to destroy the beauty of the normal family, but you aren't going to win in Jamaica without a fight! Mark my words! There is a growing groundswell in Jamaica (call it homophobic all you want, which you conveniently love to do) aimed at combating your organised efforts (as seen happening globally) to silence any verbal opposition to your way of life (subverting freedom of speech rights in the process), and aiming to impose your aberrant lifestyle on the Jamaican society by any means necessary - fair or foul.

You are NOT just about practising your lifestyle in private or, understandably, protecting sexual minorities from violence and abuse. And we don't hate you as persons, but your lifestyle confuses our impressionable children, mocks God and the normal family He ordained, and all that is decent and humanly dignified!


'Defender of normal family values'