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LETTER OF THE DAY - Parenting has failed Ja

Published:Friday | December 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM


AS WE approach the close of one year and await the dawning of another, it should evoke reflection and purposeful action. We have seen many problems during 2012 that can be attributed to the breakdown of our social and cultural norms and values that once held our country together. Many of these problems are not because of the politician or the Government, but as a result of poor parenting, which has resulted in the mass production of monsters in our society.

I believe that inadequate or lack of proper parenting has failed our country. Many men and women who have become parents were not taught how to be parents and, hence, they do not know how to groom the next generation. Hence, there has been fragmented and unstable family units which present the opportunity for abuse and blurs the lines of acceptable and unacceptable.

While there has been a call for more men to be present in the home to raise their boys and to serve as examples for their daughters, many men are not equipped to guide their youngsters because they were not taught by their fathers. They cannot relay to their prepubertal or pubertal sons the intangibles of being a man, nor can they serve as examples to their daughters so that their daughters can choose a proper mate.

Mothers are not exempt because when mothers and their daughters can wear the same miniskirt or false hair and date the same man, there is no line of demarcation and no boundaries. The same is true when a mother 'puts out' her daughter to the highest or lowest bidder until she is of no more 'value'.

era of belittlement

We live in an era of belittlement as many parents only live to 'cuss out' their children letting them know how 'wuckliss' and good-for-nothing they are, instead of counselling them. How can stable and well-adjusted adults emerge from beginnings such as these? There is no child that goes out of his or her way to be born on this earth, so whatever your frustrations are, your children are hardly the cause. We would not have such a huge state care or rape problem if our homes were properly parented. There will always be deviant children, and parenting does not solve all our problems, but it is a big start.

Parents cannot give what they have not been given and children do not raise themselves, but if each parent reads, attend forums and decides to change, our society would make a remarkable change. What Jamaica needs now is quality leadership in our homes which will translate to quality leadership in the society.

For 2013, each parent should purpose in themselves to become their child's role model or superhero, do not hand over your role to the television or the next artiste, etc. There's a call for all parents to arise, your children and their children are depending on you.