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Published:Friday | December 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM

What are the main issues you would like the Gov't to address in the new year?

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I would love for the Government to finally address the issue of political affiliation with garrison constituencies and the criminal entities which allow them to thrive.

- Dimitri Lyon

They can start with the rising crime rate! It's such a shame that so many people are kidnapped and returned - as reported. What follow up is done when these people are "returned"...too many people are being killed!

- Sassy-Sidzz Salmon

Well, I would like the Government to call an election right away; they are clearly not ready to run the country. We really don't have the money now for trial and error, no shame won't be in it, if they love the country and the people that's what they should do.

- Phill Sharpe

Educational policies that are workable! I have great ideas how it can be remedied but no one listens to the facilitators! The policy-makers aren't looking at the barriers to education! Remove some of the barriers and watch what happens!

- Loraine Moses

We need jobs and crime will go down. With jobs people can build homes, we can afford to educate our children; there is no such thing as fighting crime. I do believe that poverty is the root of this evil. We need to stop killing our youths in the name of crime fighting.

- Rochmark Cctv

It's cliché but CRIME needs to be seriously addressed, and the court system and witness protection programmes need to be rectified.

- Toocute Roberts

To address economic issues, the Government must first form an effective governing body with representatives experienced and qualified in their areas of responsibility. Too often, persons are assigned ministerial duties and have no qualification and little experience in same.

- Karron Benjamin

Housing, we need to subdivide lands for sale to middle-income earners; this will allow them to build their own homes, which will take a burden off the Government. The NHT should find ways to build more reasonable homes for the poor. Make education more affordable to everyone, find ways that can be worked out for the poorer class to send their bright minds to university. Study the market and find ways to put manufacturing sector on the front burner once more.

- Donovan Weir

Buy more goods from the small farmers.

- Shawn Cochrane