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Good tidings! Pulse couple expecting the stork

Published:Friday | December 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM
From left: Justice Hillary Phillips, Colin Smith, Kay Smith and Violet Wade pose for our lens. - photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
Fern Procter looking fabulous.
Ian Lyn (left) and Nadine Sutherland.
From left: Professor Carolyn Cooper, Kingsley Cooper, Professor Donnette Cooper and Ronke Oyewumi took a break from partying to acknowledge our by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
Pulse's Kingsley Cooper and Romae Gordon. - photo by Janet Silvera
Millicent Lynch (left) and Harold Brady were in a dancing mood.

Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

My daahlings, it's been simply one absolutely fabulous season, with a party here, a party over there and parties everywhere, for that matter! And when we say party, we do mean party as, indeed, it's as if the chic, having grown tired of the drear of the economic humbug hamstring, the world has decided the only way is up and so they have been partying like its 1999. And dears, we do mean fabulously so!

And talk about good tidings!

Well my dears, it's been a lot like that, and then some, as the news out of the season is the founding chairman and principal of Pulse Investments, Kingsley Cooper, and his fabulous companion, the stunning Romae Gordon, are expecting their first child!

Dears, the couple was out at the annual Pulse Christmas Eve party over there at Villa Ronai, on Monday, and the lovely Romae was looking positively and serenely fabulous - aglow like everybody's business, and channelling Escada like only the fabulous can, but there was no concealing the baby bump from the discerning eye, which prompted the couple to admit, that yes, they are indeed expecting. And with the baby now expected to arrive in the middle of next year's Caribbean FashionWeek, word is now the talk of the February nuptials are suspended as the expectant mom does not intend to walk down the aisle in her preggers state.

Dears, more anon as indeed, talk about good tidings of comfort and joy, well, this is most certainly that, and then some!

Now when it comes to fine style, the Kingsley Cooper-hosted annual Pulse Christmas Eve season-ending shindig, has no equals as indeed, this fabulous outing, now nearing its third decade, is not only the pre-eminent Yuletide celebration of its kind, it has become the standard-bearer, and in this respect, one of the most anticipated parties each year, those actually invited outnumbered by those who always use their creative imagination to 'crash'.

Well, this year was no different, in that, the world and his wife was on the shortlist of those specially invited, and then there were those who - by the hook and or by the crook - simply had to be there. Well my dear, they were all there, partying up a fabulous storm, and then some.

Dears, it was the night before Christmas, and traditionally, Christmas day being one of quietude, reverential and familial commitments, it's as if guests were not prepared to go quietly into Christmas Day, but with the gusto and chutzpah of a rollicking season-ending blast.

Traffic challenge

And so it was that guests came from far and wide, creating quite a traffic challenge for motorists using the Old Stony Hill Road, as indeed motor vehicles lined the Old Stony Hill Road, from Mount Joy, all the way above the Diamond Road intersection; and dears, we are indeed talking the latest SUVs and other high-priced gas-guzzling imports here, and nothing but!

And then there were the guests - a virtual who's who of the modelling, entertainment, and sporting worlds. Not to mention the members of the ruling Politburo, the Kitchen Cabinet; and of course, the fabulocracy, and the reigning beautiful people.

Dears, it was fab like that and nothing but as guests partied to the music of the ages, as the DJ turned out the music of the '60s, '70s, '80s, 90s, and the new millennium like the musicologist that he is and guests just ate it up and danced it out!

Oh, my word, what a night!

Dears, it was all about the beautiful people and partying hard or going home, so party hard they did, until the very wee hours of Christmas morning, it being closer to 5 a.m. before the last couple took their leave off the dance floor, and pumpkins.

Among those out partying, included: Minister Phillip Paulwell, squiring the lovely Denise Wallfall; Justice Hillary Phillips; Justice Ingrid Mangatal; professor Dr Carolyn Cooper; her sibling DC-based power attorney Donnette Cooper; Dr Michael Banbury; businessman Steve Ashley; the stunning Minna Israel; jurist Harold Brady; jurist Kathrin Phipps; the irrepressible Ribbie Chung; Lloyd Tomlinson; Harry Smith; artist Joshua Higgins; the fab Laura Butler; Dr Leachim Semaj and his wife, the fabulous Cecile Semaj, and a host of others.

New Year's Eve

And my daahlings, all are now focused on New Year's Eve celebrations. For those wishing to party in Kingston, its all about the Nancy McLean Concierge- promoted New Year's eve bash at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel - 17th Floor - Talk of the Town Restaurant. Dears, this promises to be a smasheroni.

Now, for the international jetsetters, the preferred party is that annual haute smasheroni, hosted by the iconoclastic Chris Blackwell over there at his Golden Eye Resort, in Boscobel, St Mary.

Meanwhile, for the party-holics and the racy, the party not to be missed is the annual fest over there at Hedonism II, in Negril where the hotel will be hosting its annual New Year's Eve festival of fabulousness! Pumpkins, it all promises to be all that, and then some!