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Feasting with friends

Published:Friday | December 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Rajesh and Neha Kripalani and Douglas and Petra Williamson share lens time and laughter.
Excited about the upcoming Oceanstyle New Year's Eve bash, from left: Douglas Gordon, Deryk Meany and Donovan Bailey hang out.
Sharon and husband Kevin Cunningham (right) pose with Bruce Hart (centre) at Denny and Veena Chandiram's Christmas party last Sunday at the Lagoons in Montego Bay. - Photos by Janet Silvera

For all of 16 years, Pishu Chandiram and his wife Janki have hosted what has become known as the 'must be invited to, must attend' annual Christmas party at their Mango Walk residence. However, a few years ago, their son Denny and his wife Veena took over the tradition of feasting with friends, enjoying great vibes and merriment, moving the party to their Lagoons home in Montego Freeport.

Pishu and Janki attend each year, but their job seems to have been made easier, hosting the hundreds who walk in and out of this fabulous home.

Denny and Veena have mastered the art of throwing a soirée and earning themselves favourites among the planners of the créme de la créme of festivities for 2012.

From as early as 5:00 p.m., the operators of Bijoux Jewellers opened up their home and dared those who read the simple invitation, ''We would be delighted if you would join us for a fun and festive afternoon' to leave without living up to the expectations.

This party went way past afternoon and, at nine o'clock when we thought the party would be winding down, guests were still arriving. It was a family event that reiterated the true meaning of Christmas.

Stocked bars

And, having done this over and over again, neither Denny or Veena were about to allow their two bars to run dry or the resplendent food stations to want of anything.

We can safely say, without any reservations, that this was a great precursor of what to expect from the social scene in the west in 2013!