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Published:Friday | December 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Shelly-Ann Daley and Rhys Campbell. - photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
Kenny Benjamin (left) and Stefaine Thomas.

My darlings, if you all missed the annual Kenny Benjamin/Guardsman Yuletide shindig, then y'all missed yet another fabulous outing as indeed this was nothing but a simply marvellous do.

Hosted at The Gazebos over there at the Kingston Zoo, Hope Botanical Gardens, this was yet another stellar Yuletide event that had the young and the restless, Kingston's finest, some of the most quoted and most photographed in attendance and it made for a beautiful evening out.

We are talking about a rush and a crush of the fabulocracy here, with a smattering of the literati, the glitterati, and of course, the haughty all out in fab festive mood breaking bread and making merry with friends of old, while making new acquaintances.

Dears, talk about buzzing - simply put, this was the place to be and be seen as it was definitely one of the preferred outings for the season.

Later that night, it was all about beautiful bodies and the fabulous, as indeed Kingston's most fashionable gym and spa - Gymkhana - located over there in the swell of the Hilton Kingston, hosted its annual Yuletide shinding in the hotel's ballroom, and pumpkins, talk about hot! Well, the atmosphere in the Hilton Kingston Ballroom was the very essence of the word, as here was a bevy of beautiful people and beautiful bodies - perfectly sculpted and toned by the Nubian princes and princesses at Gymkhana.

My daahlings, we are talking unholy fabulousness here, as indeed with bodies like those at ease from their professional and/or corporate responsibilities as they year draws to its close, the task of appearing unfazed by all the beauty was most decidedly a losing one.

No such problem for the majority in attendance, however, as accustomed as they are to having around them such chislled and perfected forms. They simply partied the night away!

And oh, what a night of partying it was.

Luvs, ask tourism and entertainment minister, Dr Wykeham McNeill and his stunning wife - she the ultra-gorgeous Mrs Sheila Benjamin-McNeill, were both in attendance, as were hundreds of others!

Day of feasting

And then there was Christmas Day - the day of feasting and goodwill, as friends and families come together for Christmas lunches, brunches, dinners and/or just to lyme. And dears, this year it was no different as families and friends gathered to celebrate and commemorate the season in this age-old style, and it made for a simply marvellous day.

Former Prime Minister Edward Seaga and Mrs Carla Seaga hosted their annual shinding at their Paddington Terrace residence.

So too did his colleague, P.J. Patterson, at his Norbrook residence.

Socialite Jennifer Lim hosted a truly spectacular brunch for family and friends.

Ron Brown and wife Valerie Juggan-Brown hosted their annual do at their Old Stony Hill residence.

And then there was the absolute fab dinner hosted by Kenny Benjamin and his companion, the fabulous Aloima Suarez, at their Stony Hill home, on Christmas evening. That saw the indomitable Las Chin, fresh from his post-75th birthday celebration skiing holiday with wife Dr Eileen Chin and their sons David and Richard.

Dears, talk about a fabulous outing, well, this was that and then some, as indeed this was truly a family outing with children and parents out and about just basking in the spirit and glow of the season, and fabulously so.

- Chester Francis-Jackson