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60 never looked so good! - MoBay's Donald Brooks gets surprise party

Published:Friday | December 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Donald Brooks expresses his love and gratitude to wife Veta with a kiss.
Donald Brooks' nieces, Karlene Wright (left) and Sharon Kerr, at their uncle's 60th birthday party. - Photos by Sheena Gayle
Turning a new page together. Donald and his wife Deta Brooks cut his birthday cake baked and decorated by Valerie Davis, as they celebrated the milestone together.
Talsey Malcolm and her brother Donald Brooks share a joke.
Alecia Haye and Denese Coley-Hines hang out.
Donald Brooks greets friend Sonia Thompson.

Sheena Gayle, Gleaner Writer

Western Bureau:

Being 60 looked effortless as businessman Donald Brooks was treated to an evening of fun with friends, church members and family for his 60th birthday party at his Relax Resort property along Hobbs Avenue in Montego Bay.

Keeping the celebrations a secret, however, was not as easy as his wife and co-owner of the hotel, Deta Brooks, initially thought, as she knew her husband would suspect that she and her team of party planners had something up their sleeves.

The two have been together for some 40 years and their marriage produced one child.

While he suspected a birthday party was in the works, similar to what he pulled off for his wife three years ago, he did not know there were a few surprise guests who wanted to make his evening extra special.

Although the rain earlier in the day forced a rearrangement from the poolside to their indoor wedding reception area on the property, Deta and her team were undaunted in their efforts to make the evening special for her husband.

special birthday gift

As Donald sat and listened to tributes from his nieces and friends, the MC, along with relatives, urged him to close his eyes as they brought a special birthday gift for him. He obliged and, to his surprise, his sister Talsey Malcolm from Canada appeared. This elicited a broad smile and they hugged while the guests applauded. His sister left the island a month ago and was not expected back on such short notice, but she had to come when she heard what Deta had in store for Donald.

"I knew something was up," Donald said, as he laughed. "We usually talk every day, and for the past couple of days I have been calling her without a response, and she had not called me, so I said, this is strange. That was when I started to suspect something was up," he continued.

As if that was not enough, musical legend Dean Fraser made a special appearance and played two songs that sealed the evening of celebration in fine style.