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Timeless Records living it up with Shifta

Published:Sunday | December 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Anastacia Cunningham, News Coordinator

Since its April launch, the downtown Miami, Florida-based independent record label, Timeless Records, has been living it up with some exciting Caribbean beats, with a heavy Jamaican flavour.

Established by Chief Executive Officer Rasheed Ali, the label has been taking the music industry by storm with some hot new releases that have got the attention of some of the biggest names in the media and entertainment industries.

The label's flagship artiste, Jamaica-born Shifta, has energised the scene with his relentless passion for music and unlimited potential as a performer.

"Shifta was the perfect choice to take Timeless Records to the heights we are now reaching," stated Ali.

"His sound can best be described as Caribbean fusion a distinctive blend of Miami house, mixed with Jamaican dancehall and everyone just love that.

"He's been creating such waves that he has been featured on several major networks like NBC, Hot 97, Wow 92.7 and several others. Shifta's fan base is like way out there."

Timeless Records has dropped a few singles from Shifta's Plan B album that have served to push both the artiste and the label even higher. Among them are Hungover, featuring rap sensation Lil Wayne, Live It Up, Feeling Nice, Holiday, featuring Erup and Smoke, featuring Popeye.

Hungover, the first single, was a huge success, garnering the attention of many DJs, bloggers, and music professionals.

"DJs from major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Boston, and Miami spin the record in some of the most popular nightclubs across the US (United States)," noted Ali.

To date, the music video on YouTube has generated over 729,000 views and has received 1,000-plus likes.

The follow-up single, Live It Up, was an even bigger success. The energy-enriched international party anthem has made quite a bit of headway in the international pop market, peaking on the US pop radio charts at 68 and number three on the US college radio charts. The single is now getting nearly 200 spins a week.

"The music video was recently added to MTV and the song has been remixed by some of the biggest DJs in the world. Approaching a million views on YouTube and being played on radio throughout the US and some parts of Europe, this song has opened the eyes of many major players in the industry," Ali said.

Feeling Nice was later released and after only being on YouTube for a little over a week, it got 72,000 views and 900 likes.

"DJs from all over the nation and overseas were requesting drops from Shifta to mix in their set," Ali beamed.

multi-city tour

Alongside all this excitement, Shifta has been on a multi-city tour across the US to promote the Plan B album, which is now available on iTunes.

He has received multiple requests for radio station interviews and performances. KPAT, KBFM, KHTT, and WHYI are a few of the stations that became early believers and showed their support for the Jamaican artiste.

Other radio stations started to pay closer attention and have added Shifta to the line-up.

"As you can see, Timeless Records has accomplished tasks usually reserved for major labels. Timeless Records has provided the foundation thus far for Shifta to take his career further than it has ever been before. However, the support of a major label is essential to fully maximise the potential that Shifta has to become a household name," noted the CEO.

"Shifta and Timeless Records are going places. Our story is still being written."