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Veterans aim to break new ground in 2013

Published:Tuesday | January 1, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Ken Boothe

Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer

The veterans of reggae and dancehall music have no intention of slowing down in 2013.

According to at least four music industry players with careers running more than 10 years, 2013 simply means more work.

Ken Boothe is gearing up to release as much as two albums in 2013.

During the Christmas season, Boothe was taking it easy though, thoughts of work far from his mind.

"At this time of the year, I am a family man. I stay home and have family dinner as well as play some music and watch television and invite friends over. We are just gonna eat, drink and be merry and give God thanks. At this time of the year, I don't work."

As for 2013, he said, "I have an album called Journey and, in 2013, I have more journeys to go with its release. In 2013, I have an R&B album as well to be released. It's just more work and people can look out for that. I am never giving up and I advise people to never give up," Boothe said.

Dancehall trendsetter U-Roy was still at it in 2012.

"Mi put out an album in September and I did some tours in Europe and a gwaan eat a food. Mi a guh put out a next one in 2013 and tour again, but mi nah run dung nothing. Because anything mi nuh ketch already mi nah guh ketch it again, it's just-about living and praising Jah," U-Roy said.

Lady G said she was looking forward to a productive 2013.

"I'm looking at great things for the new year. I am going to drop my album and continue to blaze the good music that I have been doing over the years. The album will be self-produced and some of the tracks will be produced by Chiney K records. People, just try be safe, enjoy life and don't drink too much," Lady G said.

Record producer and politician Olivia Babsy Grange will attempt to continue balancing an active political life with her first love, music.

"2013 I will be back in the music business, I will still be doing politics and I will be working diligently with my constituency. I have always managed to balance the three. Also, for the year, I hope to host at least three music seminars as well as working with Specialist to promote the music in North America," Miss Grange told The Gleaner.