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NEW YEAR MESSAGES - Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller

Published:Tuesday | January 1, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller

The following are excerpts from the New Year message Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller...

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller

... While the pride of Jamaica 50 will follow us into the future, this New Year will bring stark realities into focus. Jamaica and Jamaicans are capable and we must live up to the challenges. Our people have 'what it takes' to meet these challenges 'head-on'. We have the talent. We have the ideas. We are purposeful and productive. We have clear and strong plans and must summon the collective will to succeed.

As we look to the year ahead, we continue the dialogue with the International Monetary Fund with the objective of agreeing to an extended fund facility. Let me assure you that this administration will adhere to sound macro-economic policies whilst at the same time taking all necessary steps to foster increased investment in the economy, particularly in physical infrastructure and tourism. We will work with all our social partners and citizens as we face those challenges together. As we continue to work toward our economic recovery as a nation, we must believe in our souls and believe in our hearts that this can be a great year for Jamaica. Rest assured this Government will never flinch when it comes to protecting the interest of the Jamaican people. We will continue to work assiduously to uplift all Jamaicans.