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LETTER OF THE DAY - High hopes for 2013

Published:Wednesday | January 2, 2013 | 12:00 AM

There are some who expect 2013 to be a year that welcomes a new age defined by knowledge, communication, prosperity and humanitarianism. It is the Aquarian Age. I hope that these virtues can shine on Jamaica for this new year and beyond. It would be an added bonus if our Government experienced the lion's share of these blessings.

In 2012, we witnessed a dip in the dollar, continued high unemployment, a stagnant economy, and the Government's failing to secure a deal with the International Monetary Fund. It is my hope that the Government will be much more proactive and decisive in 2013 on matters of the economy and in working to improve the lot of the most vulnerable in society, our children, especially those in state care.

For too long, we have let partisan politics and a lingering colonial mentality, which dwarfs our confidence, take precedence over national advancement, justice and truth. I hope that we can take a positive step towards reducing the high corruption rate that has been haunting successive governments and pass legislation in this regard.

It would be unjust if we only focused on the negative, however. Jamaica achieved much in 2012, particularly in the sporting arena, in areas such as athletics, swimming, and boxing. Also, despite the still-worrying crime rate, we can at least be thankful that it is trending downwards. Road fatalities are down, too.

So in 2013, it is up to us to discontinue failing in important areas and continue to be the best in what we do well. Have a prosperous New Year, Jamaica.

Omar Ryan