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Published:Wednesday | January 2, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Nicki Minaj


The following is the fourth and final instalment of the Word of the Lord received during prayer for 2013 onward, as given through Prophetess Bishop Doris Hutchinson, Apostle Steve Lyston, Prophetess M. Lyston, Prophetess N. Green, Prophetess S. DiMuccio, Prophetess N. Brotherton and Prophetess M. Malcolm.


66 There will be an increase in insects, which will seriously affect the Earth and cause great food shortages.

67 Many organisations will be closing down because of a lack of finances. Many banks will liquidate, assets will be frozen and cash flow will dwindle away. Many will seek a way out through suicide. God is no respecter of persons: if you cry out to Him, He will fix the situation.

68 Pray against another tsunami hitting Japan. Pray against earthquakes in China and California (US).

69 A new dictator will rise up and it will be said that he is able to fix the problems of the Earth. Many will be deceived.

70 There are going to be further exposures within the entertainment industry. Some surprises are ahead. There are some who thought themselves to be invincible but many truths will be revealed.

71 Hollywood is going to suffer a blow. Some are on their way out. Vows made are about to be redeemed. Pray for MJF.

72 More scandals to unfold in the sports sector. Pray for MJ, DR.

73 Pray for Lady Gaga, Madonna, Nicki Minaj. Trouble lies ahead.

74 Pray for the children throughout the nations; the enemy is planning again in numerous areas. Abuse and wickedness towards children will rise. We will also see children involved in serious happenings that will cause mankind to shudder.

75 Space station catastrophe pending, pray against it.

'Pray against another tsunami hitting Japan. Pray against earthquakes in China and California (US).'


76God says, "I will shake all that is to be shaken unless you repent! Many say they can succeed without Me, but it shall not be so. You have called My Word doom and gloom, and you have spoken about Hurricane Sandy and that you will rebuild, but ensure that as you rebuild, you do so with Me or you will labour in vain." (Psalm 127: 1) "Many leaders whom I have called to lead in righteousness are instead being led by the unrighteous! I have called you to lead. LEAD!"

77 "I am going to shake universities worldwide because they have been corrupting My people and directing them into a life of crime and violence. Hypocrites!"

Disclaimer: God reserves the right to hold His hand back from any form of judgement pending subject to the repentance of nations and individuals.

'Pray for Lady Gaga, Madonna, Nicki Minaj. Trouble lies ahead.'