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Super Lotto winner misses out on big J$171m payday

Published:Thursday | January 3, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Despite many attempts and even more numerous rumours, the October 2, 2012 winner of the Super Lotto game has failed to collect the prize.

So in keeping with Supreme Ventures Ltd's (SVL) company policy, half of the money goes to the CHASE Fund, while the other half goes back into the game and promotions. By licence, SVL has seven days to hand over the money. CEO of the CHASE Fund, Billy Heaven, said the money from unclaimed winnings is treated in the same way as regular funds, which are dispersed in a specific manner: 40 per cent to sports, 25 per cent to education, 20 per cent to health and 15 per cent to arts and culture.

Heaven also noted that specific projects in each area would be determined as they go along.

But what ever happened to the last winner?

Carlene Edwards, senior corporate communications officer at SVL, said no one came in, but the company got several callers saying they were the winner.

"They were saying they've lost the ticket, or it was stolen from a break-in, or one man specifically stated that his girlfriend threw away the ticket," she said. "Despite all of these claims, anyhow, without an actual ticket, we don't give credence to any of the calls."


Hopefully, the third Jamaican to hit the Super Lotto jackpot - this one on December 28, 2012 - won't end up without the big payday. That jackpot is J$186.6 million (US$2,028,000).

This latest lucky person bought the winning $150 ticket in Linstead, St Catherine. The person won the split-prize amount of the Super Lotto jackpot with winning numbers 01, 03, 05, 07, 16 and Super Ball 10, just in time for the new year. The live draw was held in the Dominican Republic and the delayed broadcast was shown on CVM TV in Jamaica at 9:30 p.m. That winner's 90-day deadline is still in its infancy though.

Apart from Jamaica, there have been Super Lotto winners in St Maarten and Barbados.