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Crunch time for Leanna

Published:Thursday | January 3, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Leanna Garrick

Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer


A CONCERTED effort by St Ann's Bay Primary School student Leanna Garrick to improve in a weak subject area has paid dividends for her.

Leanna has shown marked improvement in science in the end-of-term examinations, and this has helped to propel her on to the Principal's Honour Roll.

"I usually hate science, but this time I studied more and put out more effort," Leanna told The Gleaner as she relaxed at home during the Christmas break.

Her grade for science was not available, but it was welcoming news going into the Christmas holidays for Leanna and her teacher Paul Campbell, and also Leanna's dad, Orville. However, the Christmas break offered little respite for the bright youngster, from her studies.

"I encouraged her to study during the holidays," Campbell said, "go over stuff that she doesn't quite understand."

And she has been doing it, the student said.

"For the holidays, I've been studying and practising a lot. But I also watch movies some times," Leanna said.

The elder Garrick has recognised the increased emphasis, saying the pace has been stepped up a little. He has, however, helped his daughter to set up a schedule that allows her to take on a more relaxed approach to her studies.

It's crunch time this month, and the workload will intensify.

"The workload will definitely intensify," confirmed Campbell. "In addition, Sports Day is coming up and she's looking forward to it. She has even suggested that she wants to participate."

With the confidence level as high as it is, anything is possible for Leanna.

"The work is not that hard, it's manageable, so I just have to work harder next term," said Leanna.