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Brandon awaits the reopening of school

Published:Thursday | January 3, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Brandon Wilson

Dave Lindo, Gleaner Writer

BELLEFIELD, Manchester:

GRADE SIX Achievement Test (GSAT) hopeful Brandon Wilson of Bellefield Primary School has recharged his batteries over the Christmas holidays and is ready to make that final push in the last weeks leading up to the examinations.

"I am looking forward to the reopening of school to continue my preparation for the exams," he said. "During regular school time, I am more focused and I get more time with my teacher (Lenieve Watson), both during regular classes and extra lessons."

Amid the Christmas celebrations, as planned, Brandon had put in some study time.

"I think I did well balancing my time in studying and time to have some fun in-between studying. I know that I couldn't afford to lose focus because GSAT is just around the corner, so I have to continue to put in the work."

The soft-spoken Brandon made his mother, Joana Wilson, proud going into the holidays with the news that her son placed first in his class. "He is doing very well ... I told him if he came first, I would give him a present and he worked hard and did just that, so I am very pleased with him."

Brandon was also very happy about his placement. "I am feeling good about that, there are some very good students in my class, so I had to really work hard and the hard work paid off," he said.

Wilson said during the holidays she made sure that he kept focused and studied. "I don't ease up on him when he is studying, even though it's the holidays. I still pressure him to take up his book and study," she explained.

Brandon said he did work in all of the subject areas, but paid special attention to his weakest subject, social studies. "I know that I have to do some extra work in social studies, and, so far, I am feeling better with how I am progressing in that area," he said.

He is strongest in science and mathematics, but Watson disclosed that Brandon has been progressing steadily in all the subject areas and she is expecting him to get even better as the GSAT draws nearer.