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Published:Thursday | January 3, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Below are reactions from readers of to yesterday's Dear Counsellor article

- He 'touched' my daughters!

Silly woman married a paedophile and now wants advice. She knows the answers. The man only married you to get access to your children.

-Ella Egesi

My dear lady, the best thing you can do is call in the police. This husband of yours has no respect for you neither is he doing you any favours. I would say get rid of him ASAP.


This woman is just as evil as the man. Typical Jamaican woman, as long as the man is a "good provider" then they become confused as to what to do. Does she believe the man is going to just stop getting erections for the girls and start getting for her? NO. She knows, she just don't want to lose the finances.


I seriously cannot believe this is a woman living in this time and age. Where is her integrity? She has actually pawned out her daughters " for a few dollars more. "I hope the children's advocate investigates this and if there is corroborating evidence, charge both her and the 'wutliss man'.

-Donovan Allen

I would have killed him if he touched my children. You are a FOOLISH MOTHER. TAKE YOUR CHILDREN AND RUN!


Your focus needs to be on your daughters and helping them to heal from this betrayal of trust and violation. You, too, will need help and counselling to truly heal. You can forgive him spiritually, but he can no longer play the ongoing role of husband and stepfather in your lives.


Good advice, but, technically, the youngest daughter could be 16 years old. The letter did not say if they were married for exactly eight years and, even though the youngest daughter was seven years old at the time, she could have been closer to eight. Either way, no man should ever think of his stepdaughter like that, and he is gross.


Either this woman is simple-minded, frightened of her husband's money or really has low self-esteem. The first thing to do is to call the authorities instead of asking for advice if she should forgive her husband. This woman does not care for her children and they should be removed from the house immediately. Meanwhile, her husband is sick and perverted and should not be protected under any cost. Both mother and stepfather need to go to prison. Could it be that the mother is jealous because her own husband is able to perform on her underage children instead of her? This is sick, this is sick. Her children will end up hating their mother in due time.

-James Williams