Thu | Jun 21, 2018

Finding solutions to national problems

Published:Friday | January 4, 2013 | 12:00 AM


THE BUSINESS of running a nation is seen as complex and multidimensional. We are faced with myriad of challenges and are therefore required to apply our limited resources in the most prudent fashion to prioritise the order in which we address these challenges. This search for solution often lead us to even greater problems and before you realise, we are literally lost in a maze, confused and bewildered. We engage the services of consultants, 'resultants', experts who produce pages and pages of reports containing multiple recommendations which serve to further compound our challenges.

We would have expended more scarce resources, plunging our country and all its citizens further into debt for consultants to tell us what in most cases we already know. The problems may be complex, but the solutions are simple. Implicit in this simplicity is that we must start to address the breakdown in the society; we must start to do the right things and keep doing the right things.

Leaders must lead with confidence and humility

Integrity must be restored

Citizens must adhere to ordinances and laws

The state must provide quality service

These services must be provided fairly to all citizens

The society has to be appropriately ordered and, yes, there should be one order

The state must treat with the poor and vulnerable members with decency

The state and private interest must cooperate to maintain a clean environment

Representatives of the people must engage the people

We must make incremental and continuous improvement a way of life

The state must encourage and facilitate the enterprise of all individuals and corporations.