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Absinthe provides good getaway

Published:Saturday | January 5, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Patrons at Absinthe, held at Palisadoes Go-Kart Track, ring in the new year. - Contributed

Ringing in 2013 at Absinthe - The Genesis (Rise of the Phoenix) meant starting off the New Year in fine style with a premium party experience.

The experience, however, was marred by a rogue scamming operation being conducted by some of the men handling parking.

After making the distant journey to the inconspicuous venue way off on the edge of the island, one would hope for everything to go smoothly, unfortunately this was not so for some.

Even though there was enough parking for both those with VIP and general admission tickets, some of the men in charge of coordinating the parking tried to exploit patrons by lying about the availability of space.

These men would then offer partygoers 'improvised' parking for a small fee. The fee was for administrative costs associated with watching your vehicle.

There was an interesting twist to the con as patrons were asked (ever so nicely) to give up their VIP stickers which would have provided them a parking space much closer to the venue. That pass was then sold to somebody else. The entrepreneurial spirit in Jamaica is alive and well.

The issues with parking would quickly fade into obscurity once patrons got inside though, an all-inclusive utopia having the desired effect.

Even though the night was cool and the event was by the sea, Absinthe generated some serious heat.

This was due, not just to the sweat patrons worked up during a night of dancing, but also to 'heat' from an extensive food section.

Included in Absinthe's offerings was a variety of delicious cuisine. From jerk lobster to jerk chicken, the event had a little something for everybody to enjoy.

When paired with the assortment of drinks and mixes offered at the bars, the event read like a recipe for satisfaction.

Absinthe climaxed early in the morning, earlier than some would have hoped for, but after the expected countdown to midnight with the standard release of confetti and screams of 'Happy New Year!'.

The party gradually died down and the phoenix never quite rose again.