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Golden Eye's new dawn

Published:Sunday | January 6, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Siblings Zachary and Gabrielle Belnavis (children of politician Michael Belnavis) and Alexander Facey.
Patrons enjoying the music, libations and vibes.
Grace Jones strikes a silver-screen pose just for our lens.
From left: Balram Vaswani, Rachel Barrett, Grace Jones, Becky Poostchi and Aditia Khanna.
Becky Poostchi (left), managing editor of Garage Magazine in the United Kingdom, with Rachel Barrett.

Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

Oh, what a night! Dears, it was the party of parties, with the international blue blood and jet-setters; Jamaica's movers and shakers; and the 'fabulocracy', out in full party mode and how!

My dears, talk about the social 'epic-centre' of the Universe, well, my dears, if y'all were not at Golden Eye, to see out 2012 and welcome 2013, then you all missed the New Year's Eve party of parties as indeed, this was not just a spectacular outing, it had all the required ingredients to make it memorable, and memorable it was!

Luvs, the legendary Chris Blackwell built his empire on having that discerning eye that allows him to be able to, not only identify the direction in pop culture, but also to tap into its energy and lead the social revolution. So it was when he identified the relatively unknown Jamaican sound of reggae; its icons such as Millie Small, Bob Marley, et al, and then take their talent and genius to the world through his really shrewd understanding of the underground culture which eventually becomes the mainstream.

As it was in the early days of Jamaica's music, so it is today, as Chris Blackwell, while maintaining a residual interest in music - the foundation of his ever-evolving empire - has now focussed his attention on building a vibrant
boutique resort chain, and for my word, how!

whilst the slothful everywhere have been griping and moaning about world
condition and or governments, the enterprising Blackwell has been busy,
building his brand of fabulous resorts. And so it is that today, his
resorts are not only the most coveted brand in the international resort
business; more importantly, they are the preferred resorts of the
international jet-setting 'A-crowders', and chic.

so, naturally, with the Blackwell brand being the hottest in the resort
industry, no surprises here that indeed, the New Year's Eve party being
hosted by Chris Blackwell at his signature resort - Golden Eye, over in
Boscobel, St Mary, with its legendary status and role in the most
successful film franchise - The James Bond Movies - first penned over
there at Golden Eye, y'all know, we are talking a real hot Scotch bonnet

Dears, simply put, Golden Eye is hot like that.
And this celebration, it was even hotter, as the fabulously charming
Jenny Wood and her team, including daughter Clair Ossman and the affable
Ossie Ossman, went to town, pulling out all stops to make sure that
those who came a-partying, would be having the time of their lives! And
honeys, this they all did, and then some!

Dears, from
the champagne prelude and welcome at around 9 p.m. which saw guests
being treated to either a flute of bubbly (and we mean the good stuff),
to the cocktail for the night - The Golden Eye - to the absolutely
smashingly marvelous feast of a fare, we are talking
haute 'fabulissimo' here and nothing but! And even
when the heavens opened up sometime close to 10 p.m. and blessed the
proceedings with a light shower, there was no despair and/or panic among
staff or guests as it was all taken in stride and when the heavens
stayed, the staffers on cue, made sure that everything was as expected
and nothing but!

Oh my luvs, what a beauty of night.
Dears, no one but no one makes an entry like the Spanish
Town-born-and-bred international diva of film and music fame Grace

Pumpkins, sometime before 11 p.m., the striking
Ms Jones, looking absolutely stunning in one of her absolutely fabulous
costumes, along with her entourage of fans, family and friends, made
her way to the Bizot bar to begin partying, and sweet things, a party
that was already abuzz on celebrity sightings with the likes of Karl Von
Habsburg, and his amazingly fabulous wife, Francesca von Habsburg, and
their children Ferdinand and Gloria, who sailed over from their
Alligator Head, Port Antonio, and Alfie Allen, UK actor (from the
Game of Thrones series).

You know
the partying went into overdrive on Ms Jones' arrival. Oh my word, amid
the sips and spills, the jugglers; fire dancers; magician; dancing men
on stilts; and the shirtless Nubian drummers; a beachside bonfire
lighting up the night; and friends dancing up their own glow; and
fireworks lighting up the night sky to signal the end of the old and the
start of the new, it was all fabulous my dears, and nothing but! We are
talking international prime time here and nothing

And dears, it only got better as the party went
into the wee hours of the morning, with some taking it into the infinity
pool, so you know, it was hot like that!!

Oh my word,
for a year of New Year's celebration at Golden

Photos by Carl Gilchrist