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LUXE brings out the heavy hitters - World's first champagne for ice launched in Jamaica

Published:Tuesday | January 8, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Moet and Chandon's Ice Imperial. - Photos by Carl Gilchrist
Claudia Jordan (US TV host and actress), Aisha Thalia (actress), and Kristin-Kat-Pollock (US model) make a day of it at LUXE last Saturday at the Sandals Beach Club in St Ann.

Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer

Jamaica's international appeal as a fun destination was evident once more as Moet and Chandon launched its Ice Imperial, the world's first-ever champagne created to be enjoyed over ice.

And the enjoyment was overwhelmingly evident on the faces of patrons who attended the launch party, LUXE Ultimate Beach Escape, appropriately sponsored by Moet Ice Imperial and held at the fabulous Sandals Beach Club in Ocho Rios last Saturday.

"It's the official launch today of Moet Ice Imperial at Sandals Beach Club, the most amazing daytime venue in the entire Caribbean," LUXE promoter Kamal Bankay told The Gleaner. "The most beautiful people in Jamaica are here and we've been selling a lot of bottles of Moet Ice straight from the bar, they're not comfortable having a glass, they want the whole bottle."

It was a Las Vegas-styled event, complete with DJ Lema from Marquee DayClub from the Sin City spinning sexy house music and top-40 hits, along with Third Dimension, featuring Bankay and Mario C.

The crowd included a mix of local and overseas patrons, including Claudia Jordan (US TV host and actress 'Deal or no Deal'; 'Celebrity Apprentice'), Caribbean/American actress, Aisha Thalia, US model Kristin-Kat-Pollock, Don and Ayesha Creary, Bobby Montague, Ribby Chung and even track coach Stephen Francis put in an appearance.

Not satisfied with the tag of first champagne to be enjoyed over ice, Moet Ice Imperial is also being touted as being made to be enjoyed in the daytime, "offering a unique experience for spontaneous moments of celebration with friends on a sunny day; a new champagne experience combining fun, fresh and free sensations while remaining true to the Moet and Chandon style distinguished by its bright fruitiness, its seductive palate and its elegant maturity."

Ice Imperial to do well in Jamaica

Gary Dixon, head of marketing at J Wray and Nephew, distributors of the Moet and Chandon brand, was asked if he believes Ice Imperial will do well in Jamaica.

"Absolutely, we're a tropical country and we have beaches, people with boats, pools, in the day, this is the type of drink you will definitely enjoy, it's refreshing but at the same time it's classic. It's one of the newest sensations globally from the house of Moet and Chandon and it's very limited, there's not a lot of stock but we have it at J. Wray and Nephew," Dixon said.

Moet and Chandon's marketing manager for the Caribbean, Geoffrey Bouilly, also believes Moet Ice Imperial will do well in Jamaica, noting it is already quite popular in places such as Saint-Tropez and Miami.

Said Bouilly: "I'm sure it will do well here because it's really refreshing. This champagne is for drinking on ice, it's perfect for the weather in the Caribbean, especially in Jamaica. People in Jamaica love entertainment, they love to have fun, this product is about fun, glamour and celebration, it's a perfect match."