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Published:Tuesday | January 8, 2013 | 12:00 AM

What do you think about the prime minister's address to the nation Sunday evening?

Boring, lack of substance, no forward direction. She met my expectation!

- K Fisher

She was just talking, talking, talking!

- Bucky General

Jamaicans never needed to hear that nonsense. What kind of growth is she talking about? It must be crime growth she's talking about!

- André Kong

I think the party was praised for efforts. And that was not what I wanted or needed to hear. What's going to be fixed this year?

- Peter Campbell

Misaligned. The message was far removed from what the main issues are for the country at this time.

- Garfield Edwards

It's an address that any leader of the nation would have given. It's the same story that has nothing to do with fixing our nation.

- Di Starr-Di Rebelist

I think the PM has no idea what direction she wants the country to go in. Omar Davis would have made a better leader.

- Darien Ruddock

May as well she didn't bother doing the address. It was just repetition and empty rhetoric. That bit about the NIR - seriously?

- Durie Dee

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