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A-Bar Delights

Published:Thursday | January 10, 2013 | 12:00 AM
The jerked chicken penne pasta is a hit for pasta lovers. It comes tossed in white wine, cream sauce and julienne jerked chicken.
The spicy shrimp linguine pasta comes tossed in chunky tomato sauce with julienne peppers and pan-seared shrimp.
The California Burger can serve as a nice option for both lunch and dinner. It is served with fries. - Rudolph Brown/Photographer
Head chef Kevon Jackson proudly shows off two of his best-sellers.
The three best-sellers in the drink specials category at the A-Bar Restaurant & Lounge are (from left) Sinful Miami, Asian Blonde and Kingston Kiwi. They are said to be favourites for many alcohol lovers.
The cozy A-Bar awaits you. - Photos by Rudolph Brown/Photographer

 Latoya Grindley, Staff Reporter

Centrally located along Constant Spring Road, cozied up in the Springs Plaza is the recently opened A-Bar Restaurant and Lounge. Just under a month old, the eatery is positioning itself to win over the appetite and loyal support of those who venture through its doors.

Once you enter, the spacious and relaxed atmosphere makes you want to stay and eat. And according to director Subriena Walker, while the final touches are still being done, the international feel is immediately felt.

"From the set-up, to the food and our staff, everything is on an international level. What you see here is what you will see internationally."

The menu, which is made up of mostly 'light' food, was carefully crafted by a Canadian chef and is not limited to any specific cuisine.

"This chef was the head chef for Ralph Lauren, and we have things to cater to different persons. We have items such as wings, pastas and burgers."

Pleasing the customers

Since opening, customer feedback has apparently warranted a few changes. This according to Walker is critical to the lounge's objective of pleasing its clients.

"We are constantly aiming to please. We have been getting a lot more positive feedback than negatives, but the negative ones that we do receive, where we can, we take note and see what we can do to improve."

Leaving behind the busy happenings on the streets to enter a chill spot in the midst of it all, is perhaps one of the most appealing elements of this location.

And this too was a strategy employed by management to widen its scope in capturing a wider cross-section of people.

"There is no place like this in this vicinity. We cater to everyone, the ones who walk and the ones who drive.

Everyone is really welcome to enjoy our offerings."

Although having a staff complement of 20 persons, on-the job training is still necessary. According to Walker, this will ensure that persons get value not only on the food but also the service received.

"We are a customer-based establishment. We want people to feel as if they belong. There are several places that offer good food but the service is bad. Here, we want to offer a complete and total package."

At present, a number of specials are on and customers are being encouraged to take advantage of these offerings.

"We have an attractive lunch special now that is doing really well. We have regulars on the plaza who come by daily and new comers on a daily basis as well."

A-Bar also prides itself on its range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

"We have drink mixes that have been going really well with the public. Patrons will just come in the middle of the day, requesting one of their favourite mixes to be had alone or with a meal," said Walker.

With an official grand opening being planned, A-Bar is keen on consistently providing a "new and exciting experience" right there in metropolitan Half-Way Tree.

A-Bar Restaurant & Lounge is located at 15-17 Constant Spring Road, The Springs Plaza, Shop #21. Telephone: 631-4194