Sat | Jul 23, 2016

Expose corrupt idlers in office

Published:Thursday | January 10, 2013 | 12:00 AM


George Davis wrote a most interesting column in The Gleaner of Wednesday, January 9, 2013 about the lady who gets to the workplace early but who probably never gets to her job at any time at all, or if she does, it is way-y-y-y down in the day.

Her example, as well as that of 'Queen Andrea', may be an extreme example of a lot of corruption that goes on in the public service, and I dare say that a lot of it goes on in the private sector as well.

I am quite sure that Mr Davis would not have written this column if he had not had good supporting evidence for what he has written.

That is why I look forward to his next column, when he will tell us who these thieving persons are - for make no mistake about it, they are thieves. They have, before working time began, stolen paper and electricity, not to mention the use of the photocopier, and when working time begins, they steal the time that they spend on outside interests instead of work.

I would be particularly interested in the basis on which one lady's union successfully helped her to escape sanction after her theft was exposed.

Please don't let me down, Mr Davis. The whistle-blowers who expose the corrupt bosses must do so also for the corrupt workers.