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Published:Thursday | January 10, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Unfortunately, we are worse than Greece, as we are an uneducated society that is politically divided.
- princess bijous

I agree. I may not work directly with closing books, but the evidence is plain to see. Food is harder to buy or go to work.

- Rhythm Goddess

That's what you get for putting that horrible PNP government back into power. Since 1988, they have mashed up my lovely country.

- Steafan Russell

Distraction to make us spend time complaining and arguing instead of taking the necessary actions to improve OUR economy.

- D_Anne

That's so sad. So little goes to help the people and so much goes to rich banks.

- David Michael

Actually, Greece is the Jamaica of Europe.

- Sharifa Wright

But what to do? So depressing!

- milcar Tafawa Lewis

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