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After two years, still no word on Baby Ralston

Published:Friday | January 11, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Two-year-old Augustus Neville Mitchell, also known as Baby Ralston, as he last appeared before going missing from Albion Mountains, in deep rural St Thomas, on January 6, 2011. - FILE

Anastasia Cunningham, News Coordinator

Two years after the mysterious disappearance of her two-year-old baby, Danna Emmanuel still breaks down in tears.

The mother is even more distraught because she cannot get closure and she doesn't know if she ever will. Not knowing if her child is alive or dead makes the pain harder to bear.

On January 6, 2011, Augustus Neville Mitchell, affectionately called Baby Ralston and who was two years old at the time, disappeared from his home in Albion Mountains, deep rural St Thomas.

Despite weeks of a wide-scale frantic search of the heavily vegetated mountain, there was no trace of the toddler.

After The Gleaner highlighted the story, a few tips came in, but the Cedar Valley police said they were dead ends. Now, days after the second anniversary of Baby Ralston's disappearance, there is still no trace or word about the sickle-cell-afflicted child.

"Sometimes me just bawl. Down to wha day me a listen (television programme) 'Susan' and see 30 years a boy don't see him mother and him finally find back him mother and me start cry," stated 42-year-old Emmanuel.

"After two years, I don't know if him alive or dead, I don't know anything. I don't hear anything, nothing at all. It make me feel cut up, cut up bad, bad. To have your two-year-old baby and him just gone suh, it make me feel cut up.

"But me still have seven more that I have to hold on for. Me can't kill myself, me have to just go on. Me have to be strong for everybody 'cause dis really stress out everybody."

Emmanuel said she was still holding out hope that one day her Baby Ralston will return home.

In a broken, shaky voice, father Neville Mitchell, 50, stated: "It is very hard, but we trying and hoping and praying until now."

The coffee and vegetable farmer added: "Two years and nothing, nothing at all until now."

District Constable Hubert Telfer, of the Cedar Valley police, also confirmed that there was still no word on the missing child.