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Imported chicken foot?!

Published:Friday | January 11, 2013 | 12:00 AM


On the lips of every concerned Jamaican in every nook and cranny, hill and valley, corner shop and boardroom is the discussion regarding the grave economic situation facing our beloved country.

How will we resolve this issue? Cutting the import bill is one suggestion by many economists. But how serious are we about reducing our importation cost?

Imported chicken foot!

On a trip to a well-known supermarket on Monday, January 7, I was aghast to find imported chicken foot. I searched the refrigerator for the usual local packaged product, but could not find any.

On enquiry of a staff member, I was told there was a shortage. My first thought was, how serious is this shortage to warrant importation of this product? Other questions then raced through my mind. What was the importation cost? Oh, there must have been a waiver, but even then, how much did we give up if we, in fact, granted a waiver?

Is the minister of agriculture or any of the relevant persons from that ministry aware of this? How does this impact our local farmers? Are our two leading chicken suppliers, Jamaica Broilers and Caribbean Broilers, unable to sustain market demand?

Indeed, it will be necessary to import some items, as we are limited in our capacity to produce some things, but certainly, not chicken foot!

I would appreciate some answers from the agriculture ministry or any of the other key stakeholders in the industry.