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Grading the Cabinet - responses

Published:Sunday | January 13, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Last week, our panel graded the Portia Simpson Miller-led Cabinet on the performance of its 20 members in their first year in office. Scores of persons have commented on the grades, while others have added their own grades. Here are edited versions of some of the comments:

  • Wayne Smith:

That analyst giving Dr Phillips a B is so ridiculous, but, really, there is nothing to grade; this is the worst Cabinet ever!

  • Development:

The class is largely full of repeaters. Many have done 18 years and some relics of the '70s still cannot matriculate to any heights. The last administration suffered similarly.

  • Guest:

I give the Cabinet a straight 'A' for taking care of itself. Otherwise, it has been pathetic, and that's the only printable language I can find.

  • Jayjayja:

In any other country where the leaders hold themselves accountable, the entire government would resign. In any country where the people hold the leaders accountable, they would be out demanding that the entire government resign or pack their bags and go and call fresh elections.

  • Hugo:

A failed Cabinet that generally reflects the society! The Cabinet is clearly out of options.

  • Courtney Barrette:

Based on these grades, it seems as if this Cabinet is a bunch of failures. Well, I did not expect much from them because many of them have tried, tested and failed many times before. To be honest, I think Ronald Thwaites and Phillip Paulwell are the star performers in the Cabinet.

It is time to have bright sparks like Damion Crawford, Basil Waite, Julian Robinson, and Raymond Pryce in the Cabinet.

  • KC:

This Cabinet is a huge unnecessary drain on the taxpayer's dollar. Payment for non-performance ... if there was ever a formal contract on delivery of service, the entire Cabinet would be sued individually for breach of contract and their employment terminated. Their collective monthly salaries should be withheld as savings to the country, until they start to perform.