Wed | Jun 1, 2016

Run NWC lines along highway routes

Published:Sunday | January 13, 2013 | 12:00 AM


I have read the drought warning from the Office of Disaster Prevention and Emergency Management. Here in south St Elizabeth, we already had two months without any rain lasting more than five minutes.

Recent checks showed my rainwater storage is down to half, which means I only have about one month's supply left. The National Water Commission keeps taking my money, but the line remains dry.

We have billions of gallons of water on the north and east of this island running into the sea daily. This island is only 49 miles across north to south. There is much talk about a north-south highway link.

If the planners of this country's future could only put their heads together while building this highway and use the soft shoulder on either side to provide large-volume pipes that could take the water to the south where it is much needed, they could congratulate themselves for killing three birds with one stone, or is this a crazy idea?


Southfield, St Elizabeth