Fri | Jan 18, 2019

Disillusioned by Prime Minister's address

Published:Sunday | January 13, 2013 | 12:00 AM


I was shocked and disillusioned at Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller's address to Jamaicans last Sunday evening, especially that bit about the shrinking of the net international reserves. This is a very serious situation, especially as she did not address any remedial action.

People's resolve cannot possibly address this situation. These are the tasks which test the proficiency of effective leadership. As a matter of fact, those who understand the implication of this will severely curtail their expectation as to the immediate future of our country.

Most of the prime minister's supporters are not cognisant of these factors, hence the unconditional love for her. Apart from that, she did not adequately address the ongoing negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, voice any resolve concerning crime, speak on the very important logistics hub to coincide with the widening of the Panama Canal, or even the path taken to improve revenue and spending.

The only speck of light is ongoing projects left over from the previous administration, some relabelled JEEP. All in all, her speech was a sad reflection of a government at sea in a rudderless ship. She seemed to be saying, "we are helpless".