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Published:Monday | January 14, 2013 | 1:00 AM

This goes to show how unprepared and weak the PM is. She is clueless about the impact of her messages in these times.

- Corve A. DaCosta

It is not responsible at all. How will she know the reality Jamaicans face without doing so? No wonder she is clueless!

- Ker á@Kerryk40

The prime minister needs to be aware of what is happening on the ground. Her adviser may not tell her everything in a view to protect her.

- Sandy B á@Ladyicymint

Of course NOT. She needs to have her fingers on the pulse! Irresponsible comment, I think!

- jaflygirl á@jaflygirl

The real question is, do I view ANYTHING the PM says as the utterings of a responsible person/leader?

- DJ Wayne

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The prime minister needs to watch the news. She doesn't know everything that is happening in the country. And just like everyone else, it's good to be informed!

- Delores Williams

The PM should watch the news and get her information first-hand. We want our grown kids to watch the news, too, and so I'm advocating leadership by example on this one. As educated individuals, we should be able to filter out information that is undesirable or unreliable, which doesn't mean everything.

- Veronica Royal

Her schedule may not allow her to watch news on a regular basis, but she should catch up when she can. Deliberately not watching news is basically ignoring the voice of the people, as this is one of the main outlets they used to communicate their discomfort. You cannot run the country successfully without knowing what is going on in that country.

- Jason Sandlers

How does she keep abreast of current issues and matters affecting the persons who elect her to lead? I am so disappointed in her. She needs to know what is affecting the poor who she loves dearly.

- Shernette King-Nicholas

The prime minister needs to watch the news whenever it is possible for her to do so. Also, she is not above criticism!

- Esteban Agosto Reid

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