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She wears my ring ...

Published:Monday | January 14, 2013 | 12:00 AM
The beautiful former Miss Jamaica World Terri-Karelle Reid is all smiles as she shows off her new wedding rings in 2008. - File

Women love diamonds! While diamonds are very pricey and not an everyday buy, for their big day diamonds women must have. Seen as the perfect accent pieces in wedding-ring sets, diamonds are the ultimate feature in most wedding-ring designs.

According to managing director of Jewellery Collection, Mala Mansukhani, while there are varying styles to choose from, one factor to always consider when choosing rings with diamonds is that the larger the stone, the more funds required.

She noted that in recent times, many rings have been featuring diamonds in clusters, which means that there are smaller pieces being used to fill an opening.

"Instead of one big stone, the cluster of small stones used to fill a shape makes it a lot more affordable."

A symbol of marriage between two people, wedding rings have had a long history, but have undergone some obvious changes with time.

Mansukhani highlighted that around 20 years ago, traditionally, females would wear two bands which screamed simplicity.

"The rings were very simple back then. There were not a lot of choices as it related to the design, and people were easier to please. The traditional ones are a lot lighter and taper at the back with very little stones."

At present, with ring choices in yellow gold, white gold and silver, centre-stone choices are mostly featured in round, marquis and square shapes. With round being the first to surface on the scene, it is said that it still remains the number-one seller, despite the growing popularity of princess cuts - a square shape.

With yellow gold traditionally being the best-seller in the wedding-ring category in Jamaica, the jewellery expert explained that recent happenings have fuelled a change in people's selections.

"Because prices have generally gone up, last year we saw an increase in sales on silver wedding rings. And instead of the yellow gold, many persons are now opting for white gold. I had a customer who would only buy yellow gold but now she has switched over to white gold as people don't readily know that it is gold."

With modern twists on traditional sets and the inclusion of more contemporary styles, the choices available are able to satisfy many tastes and preferences.

"There are still those who prefer the traditional look but ... more stylish ... . Then there are the conservative ones who want minimal stones, and you also have the ones who want them flashy."

How flashy a ring is, is, of course, dependent on the design and how it is enhanced by diamonds. For those brides who want the flashy look minus the exorbitant cost, there is the cubic zirconia.

"(Cubic zirconia) is more like crystal, which is significantly cheaper. It is actually not easy for you to tell the difference between this stone and a diamond because they are so close. Before, manufacturers would use sapphire but after a while the sapphire would turn milky white, and so as time went by they started using the cubic zirconia," said Mansukhani, adding that they are featured in limitless styles and that they have been doing well.

sales promotion

With wedding-ring sales increasing in the months of June, July and December, Jewellery Collection has also introduced a promotion for its customers.

"We have given customers the chance to pay in three instalments for wedding-ring purchases".

Additionally, to make it less burdensome on the pockets, customers, after purchasing a female wedding set, will get a matching male band.

While couples have the option of wearing matching bands, there are those, however, who prefer to reflect their own individual styles.

Mansukhani cautions persons not to get carried away just by the style.

"Certain rings are not suitable for certain types of jobs that require a lot of physical work. Persons have to consider their lifestyle and how well a particular ring will fit (into that lifestyle)."

As this is not always an easy choice to make, the store owner noted that expert advice is given to customers to help with selections.

"Some persons can choose within 10 minutes, while some have to come back several times before they choose. But we do try to assist them to make the best decisions."