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2013's suggestion box

Published:Monday | January 14, 2013 | 12:00 AM

I don't make resolutions because I rarely follow them.And then I don't make predictions for the new year either because I'm almost always wrong. So this year, I've decided to do something different; I am going to make suggestions. Consider this the Kelly's World Suggestion Box. So, humbly:

I suggest: Warmington gets anger management classes: Now I've been there myself. Feeling like the entire world is against me and nobody respects my opinion. (In fact, that's kind of where I am now). Anyway, Warmy, you need to calm down. He nearly got thrown out of Parliament last year, and I'm not sure his colleagues will be as patient with him this time.

I suggest: We get this IMF deal done FAST! - Fact is, even by now, the most nonchalant individual is beginning to wonder when or if we'll get a deal done. And if di money man dem get nervous, that's not good fi me and you! But having said that I also suggest Jamaicans prepare to do a bit more belt-tightening. Somehow, even if things start to look up, I don't foresee a sudden windfall for the average Jamaican.

I suggest: The Reggae Boyz decide on a formation, quickly: When the final round of World Cup qualifiers begins (remember, we barely made it to this round), we need to have a clear idea of what our strategy is. We do not have the time for experimentation and all that. Deciding on the starting 11 may take a little time, but deciding on the strategy is key! After you figure that out, then you pick the 11 who can best carry it out. Not the other way around.

I suggest: We continue to take it easy on the road, having achieved the below-300 road fatality mark last year. Not off to the best start, but hopefully we get back on track. Finally, I suggest keep a closer eye on our neighbours. Too many heinous acts were committed seemingly right under our noses. If you know something, speak out!

To end on a light note, I came across a BBC story on a proposed law in a town in Aceh province, Indonesia. The mayor doesn't want women who are passengers on motorbikes straddling the bike, which for me is the only way that really makes sense to be on a bike. He wants them to ride 'side saddle', as in turn sideways, because straddling the bike seat violates Islamic values. He 'reasons' straddling makes them look like men. Any women who don't, ahem, 'siddung pon it' properly, will face sanctions.

I just have one question. Are the authorities this strident about the pillion rider wearing a helmet too? Oh well.

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