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Published:Tuesday | January 15, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Cops mourn 'squaddie' after alleged suicide

There were sombre faces yesterday at Harman Barracks in Kingston, as members of the Island Special Constabulary Force (ISCF) mourned the loss of their 'squaddie', Kennard Chong.

Special Constable Chong, 23, a member of the ISCF's agro and environment unit, was found dead at his home late Sunday night, the victim of an alleged suicide. Deputy commandant of the ISCF, Calvin Allen, described Chong as having good manners and being committed to the job.

"What really impacts the team out there is that he got along well with everyone. It was so easy to get close to him," Allen said. Counsellors from the police chaplaincy unit, which is also based at Harman Barracks, were offering words of encouragement to Chong's colleagues throughout the day. Allen said Chong only joined the force in 2009, but showed great promise.

Health minister acknowledges third suspected malaria case

Health Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson yesterday revealed that there are now three imported cases of malaria in the island.

Speaking with journalists yesterday at Jamaica House, Ferguson said while there is one confirmed case of malaria, there are at least two other suspected cases.

"I have picked up that there are about three or so cases. The first one was confirmed. I have not got the details as to where they might have travelled, but from all indications those suspected cases would have been imported," Ferguson said.

Ferguson emphasised that there has been no locally transmitted case of malaria.

Noting that Jamaica sees imported cases of the disease from time-to-time, he said it might be premature to go on full-fledged alert.