Sat | Jul 30, 2016

Outraged at police killings

Published:Tuesday | January 15, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Some questions for the police, the commissioner of police, the minister of national security, and the people of Jamaica:

Does every police encounter with criminals have to involve a shoot-out?

Must every police encounter with criminals require the use of lethal force?

Are our criminals really so more vicious than criminals in other countries that they can only be dealt with by lethal force?

How come our more vicious criminals manage to shoot so few police?

How much longer will Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington go on supporting, even encouraging, the killings carried out by his men?

How much longer will Minister of National Security Peter Bunting go on endorsing the behaviour of Commissioner of Police Ellington?

How much longer will our citizens go on tolerating this kind of wanton killing of fellow citizens?

Is the blood of only a few of us boiling?

If this can happen in the first two weeks of the year, what will the other 50 be like?