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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | January 15, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

Who is the father?

1. An entire community is waiting with bated breath to hear the result of the DNA test. Ever since the child was born, locals had a great deal to say about the paternity of the child. However, an old foreigner with lots of cash to spare could only revel in the fact that he was still in production mode. Now it's crunch time, for Uncle Sam has a way of separating the jackets from the genuine articles.

Urban-planning mess

2. Urban planning has gone sadly wrong in the nation's capital. Developers are sticking multi-storey buildings in every nook and cranny without any regard for the impact on residents. The potential for deep-pocket builders to muscle their way into established neighbourhoods has left some people cowering in fear as they simply do not know where to turn for redress.

Who is the monitor?

3. Speaking of urban planning, can anyone explain the procedure for getting building approvals from municipal authorities. Some people say, depending on one's ability to pay, approval can be had in weeks - but others complain that their application has languished in some departments for many months. That is not all, no one apparently monitors development schemes to ensure that the builders stick to the approved plan.

Stop the burning!

4. Something needs to be done about householders who persist in burning rubbish in their yards. It is a hazard and could prove deadly to neighbours. What is the agenda of the KSAC, does it really care about order in the city? Madam Mayor, beautiful Kingston is in shambles and the citizens have become impatient.