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Published:Thursday | January 17, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Do you agree with the imminent reintroduction of hospital user fees?

At this stage, persons will get attention immediately as they are paying for the service.

- Innocent Stacy

Well, as long as those who can't afford it will be given the OK to access the service!

- Tanisha Amsolovingme Frankinson

I don't see the PM or Andrew going to the doctor in Jamaica, so why impose more pressure on poor people? My view is, get the unemployment rate down to less than three per cent, then talk about fees.

- Craig Davis

The taxes are going up and the pay gets frozen. What will they pay with?

- Donald L Edman

I guess a lot of these sick persons are going to be thrown out or left outside because they can't afford to pay the cost for health care.

- Samantha Barrett

Finally, we are doing something that I think is a great decision. The fees were very cheap; they should pay. I can only pay so much tax and no more.

- Cheryl Neil

Yes, as long as the monies will be spent on improving health care and purchasing needed equipment. What would make sense is to lower GCT back to 10 per cent and then introduce a health tax to improve facilities, etc.

- Loraine Moses

Who goes to the hospital all day to sit and wait to be seen by a doctor? Is it the poor or the rich? The one who can afford it goes to a private doctor.

- Brian Williams

A small fee, yes, but nothing out of control.

- Courtney McLeod

Yes, this way, there'll be better quality and better service. We Jamaicans love too much free things!

- Maxie Pottinger

Think of the poor who have nothing. Some people can't even find a dollar.

- Melvin A X Chong

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