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Jazz, blues & food

Published:Thursday | January 17, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Coffee? The perfect cup will be available from Café Blue.

Sheena Gayle, Gleaner Writer

Western Bureau:

The staging of the annual Jamaica Jazz and Blues music festival is not without the mouth-watering culinary delights offered by the food and beverage concessionaires, and the variety this year is expected to stimulate the taste buds of all who dare to indulge.

A fusion of Indian, Chinese and Jamaican spices in the format of delicious roti wraps is something Ann Frater of Signature Roti Wraps Fusion Bellyfull Deli knows how to deliver to the palates of patrons this year.

"This is my first year at Jazz and Blues, but what we have to offer will be something totally different and delicious. Our roti wraps will combine Indian, Chinese and Jamaican spices. From vegetable to various meat wraps will be available for patrons to try at an affordable price starting from $500," Frater explained.

An experience of authentic Jamaican cuisine will not be in short supply as Sammy's Kitchen has jazzed up her menu to ensure a great culinary experience.

Caterer and owner Nicole Samuels noted that from spicy honey glazed chicken, curried conch to deep-fried pork chops and various soups, Sammy's Kitchen is intent on adding value to the international music festival through food.

"Food is very important to any major event and being able to adequately please the taste buds of patrons who support your food stand is key to providing a memorable experience at such events," she added.

Famous jerked food providers Scotchies and Pork Pit have become a staple at Jazz and Blues and their addition to the list of food concessionaires is not surprising. Their jerked food items have consistently registered returning customers who have grown attached to their delicious outputs.

Hydration is crucial for patrons traversing to and from various points of the large Greenfield Stadium and the famous jelly man Garth Francis has that under control. His expertise in chopping coconuts is an art form that borders on entertaining while keeping patrons constantly hydrated.

Nevertheless, the likes of Café Blue and Jablum each year at the festival add to the diverse options of satisfying the palate with a hot or cold beverage.

It will not be difficult to identify the food court during the festival as your nostrils will guide you to the area, but just to be sure, the organisers have made every effort to ensure the Food Court is visible with their venue layout.