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Sizzla to deliver 'The Messiah'

Published:Thursday | January 17, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Sizzla - File

Leighton Levy, Gleaner Writer

No one can accuse Sizzla Kalonji of resting on his laurels. The 36-year-old reggae entertainer, who, during his 22-year career, has won critical acclaim and enjoyed commercial success, has released an estimated 65 albums. Yet another is set to be released this year, the entertainer has revealed.

The album, to be titled The Messiah, is in the final stages of production.

"It's already being mixed and mastered. It's a spiritual-conscious album for the people. The album, which was recorded at 40 August Town Road, is exclusively Sizzla.

"I've always wanted to label my albums with great titles like Black Woman and Child, Thank You Mama, and now The Messiah is coming," he said.

"This is just a solo album with Sizzla - pure Sizzla."

Coming soon

No release date has been set but the album is expected in the coming weeks.

Sizzla capped a busy year with a sterling performance at Sting 2012. He also delivered stirring performances at Sizzla Unplugged concert, the Sir Arthur Guinness concert and at the Rumble on Jamrock fight card at the National Indoor Sports Centre on December 8, when Nicholas Walters created history by becoming the first Jamaican to win a world boxing title on local soil. He was very pleased to be part of the historic event.

"It was a great feeling, a lovely event. Being there, two Jamaicans, one an artiste, one a boxer - that gave me a thrill ... being there representing your community, representing your country, knowing that we have been fighting for so long. We fought a lot of wars and here we are, spiritual again, trying to get ourselves out to the world to let them see and know what we are as a people. We use the music as much as sports to express ourselves. I was really overwhelmed by the response of the people."

That ability to constantly deliver powerful, soul-stirring performances, he explained, comes from a meta-physical link he shares with his fans and his penchant for reaching out to the wider community.

"I think it's a spiritual connection and the physical beauty around the fans, being able to be reached at times when you have community services and charitable works, playing and being a part of activities in and around your community and being consistent in recording and just showing the love, highlighting the people of the world, showing them right from wrong; they really like that and I think that's what has kept Sizzla going."