Sat | May 26, 2018

Get to work, lousy loafers!

Published:Thursday | January 17, 2013 | 12:00 AM


I have read George Davis' two Gleaner articles on underperforming workers ('In the office but not on the job', January 9, 2013, and 'Kick lazy workers from Idlers Inc', January 16, 2013).

I couldn't help but agree with his observations. He is so correct. I had to bring it to the attention of some of my colleagues. Then came my boss, giving the thumbs up for the articles.

I hope that the guilty ones will read the articles and that they will be convicted and change their attitudes towards work. No doubt, these same persons are the ones to first cry out that they should be getting more pay. To do what? They are only collecting money under false pretence.