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Superminister is comic-book idea

Published:Thursday | January 17, 2013 | 12:00 AM


I read with some misgivings Aubyn Hill's suggestion ('superminister needed!', Gleaner, January 7, 2013) about a superminister being needed for Jamaica to act as an economic growth director in today's Cabinet. Perhaps Mr Hill could apply for the job himself, if so inclined.

Or he could ask the distributor of Superman, Marvel Comics, to create a new character and call him 'Superminister'. The first task of this minister is to head to Jamaica and fix the Government's programme.

One other matter we need to address is that we don't need to employ more ministers (unless they work for free), because we have 20 full ministers and eight junior ministers, and 98 consultants. If a group can't be put together from this lot, to direct an efficient economic programme, we don't really need them.

Mr Hill's first comments related to acquisition of school books from a local service, as opposed to buying them overseas. Perhaps that publisher could redirect the printing to local printers; the more money we can retain, the better.

There is also a comment on investment by the private sector into education, but incentives need to be given.

The concept of a competent all-round minister might be better altered to the appointing of a task force of no more than four persons, with a fifth member from the private sector, who would rotate periodically at the Government's request. Specific goals should be given to the task force so they can attack their targets. Weekly or bi-weekly, an update must be reported in a formal meeting.