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Mediocrity is PM's mantra

Published:Thursday | January 17, 2013 | 1:00 AM


I agree 100 per cent with Gordon Robinson's observations in his column 'Portia must apologise' (Gleaner, January 15, 2013).

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has taken the word mediocrity to a new level. The incompetence and indifference she has brought to the Office of Prime Minister, I have never before seen in my 45 years of life in jamaica.

Frankly, I never expected her to act any differently. Over the years, I have observed her to be a person who thinks only about her personal popularity. She criticises the actions of the Government when she is in Opposition, but expects no criticism when the roles are switched.

The country has gone into free fall since she has become prime minister. The dollar is falling, and garbage is piling up again all over the city. A sense that the country is leaderless permeates every sector of society - and the prime minister still expects no one to criticize her?

The fact that she does not watch the news perhaps explains her detachment and total lack of understanding of the critical issues facing the country, and the necessary actions needed to be taken to address them.

The utterances of the prime minister on topics of national importance, over the last year, have led me to believe that her appointment to that office was a joke taken too far.