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Published:Friday | January 18, 2013 | 12:00 AM

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What action should be taken against the public defender for his failure to submit the Tivoli report?

This guy should have been fired years ago! Speak about having a job which he has transformed into a sinecure!

- Esteban Agosto Reid

Learn from it and once and for all use it as an opportunity to put policy in place and hire a ghostwriter, perhaps or somebody of historian, to document the history of Tivoli Gardens in all its accuracy to now. ... So send the public defender into retirement with immediate effect.

- Sharon Maria Reyes

He should pack his bag and go. He has let the people of Tivoli and the wider Jamaican diaspora down. He has failed to deliver a report on so many occasions. You, Earl Witter, should pack your bags and gooooooooooooooooo!

- Dushiegirl Johnson

He should do the honourable thing and resign. Too many missed deadlines - deadlines that he himself set.

- Mauvette Waite

Why does it matter? It is not the first, and it surely will not be the last. Nothing has been done before, so what is the fuss about now?

- Da Baptis John

Regardless of what the Public Defender Act says, some way must be found to dismiss the man for his incompetence and waste of taxpayers money!

- Richard Veira

Almost three years and the report is not yet presented; yet he wanted to DABBLE in the business of whether preaching on the JUTC buses should be banned. I don't think he should wait to be fired. Do the honourable thing and RESIGN!

- Mon McKenzie

Force him to pay back half what he has been paid since he started the job, and prevent him from holding any public offices in the future. His job was very important!

- Ruel Porter

Fire him. Lazy and inefficient. Make an example of him. Disgraceful behaviour in public office.

- Jude Swaffer