Wed | Sep 20, 2017

Divine intervention, Mr Dalley? Please!

Published:Friday | January 18, 2013 | 1:00 AM


I read in Monday's Gleaner, where Minister Horace Dalley, after emerging from the recent three-day Cabinet retreat, is asking the society to pray for divine intervention.

He went on to request that we "pray for the Opposition and those in leadership positions that the Lord will grant us wisdom to lead, we need wisdom to lead, we need compassion".

It's a pity Mr Dalley didn't think of all this prior to running for office! You see, asking for wisdom at this time is a little late in the day.

Unfortunately for us, our system of politics does not throw up the wisest and most compassionate people to become our leaders. It is essentially a popularity contest. The most popular guy in the room is often not the smartest or most compassionate.

It is time we wake up and realise that the way our politics is set up, we are never going to get the smartest people in the legislature. It, therefore, follows that if we must draw a Cabinet from this legislature, as dictated by our Constitution, we are not likely to have a Cabinet of smart and resourceful men and women to take charge of the increasing challenges plaguing our society.

It really is as simple as that!

No amount of prayer is likely to help us. We MUST change the system. The time has come for us to adopt a system of political management in which our legislative branch is separate from the Cabinet. Those who are good at the popularity contest can go on the hustings and seek a place in the legislature, where their job is to create the legislative framework that must guide the nation's business.

The prime minister must, once and for all, be free to select his or her Cabinet from society's smartest and best qualified sons and daughters.

Just to remind Minister Dalley that prayer without ceasing and faith without works is dead.