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Harvesting gold!

Published:Friday | January 18, 2013 | 1:00 AM

Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

Dears, it's definitely shaping up to be one fabulous year, and then some! Luvs, just when the naysayers were getting ready to pile it on, in walks Technology and Mining Minister Phillip Paulwell, and voila, spoilts the party for those predicting doom and gloom by announcing that there is still "gold" in them there mud.

Mind you, the buzz is that the Jamaica Bauxite Institute knew for upwards of 50 years that indeed our mud lakes and their contents have valuable properties, and it was only a matter of the technology catching up in order to be able to extract these precious minerals.

Dears, now that it appears that the technology is here, we say, let the harvesting begin!

And people are still talking about the absolutely fab, smasheroni of a birthday party Friends of East Kingston hosted for MinisterPhillip Paulwell's 50th birthday last Saturday night over there at historic Fort Charles, Port Royal.

And people are still going ga-ga over the fab-fest that ushered inPamela Redwood's 50th at the Kingston zoo, at Hope Gardens, last Friday night, and the buzz is, it was a social scorcher!

And, the buzz is that the majestically beautiful Hope Gardens is all set to welcome a new family of animals come mid-February. These include a pride of lions, more cats and some zebras. A number of other wild animals domesticated for zoo-living will arrive from North America and other ports to augment the zoo's current cadre of animals.

And its definitely all about the fab north coast this weekend as the place is abuzz with all kinds of fabulous parties and celebrations including "three weddings and a funeral", and then some as indeed there will be parties, anniversaries, receptions and yes, loads of entertainment from Ocho Rios to Discovery Bay and beyond.

Indeed, not only are all the bed-and-breakfasts fully booked between Ocho Rios and Discovery Bay, "millionaires row" is chockful of the glitterati; and there's nary a room to be found at the preferred beachfront resorts all the way to Montego Bay, so you know we are talking about an expected weekend of excitement here, and then some.

Talk about indicators! Luvs, it's starting to look a lot like a bumper tourist season is in the making!

And speaking of beautiful people places and things, her serene highness fashion doyenne and style arbiter Michelle Bovell celebrated her birthday yesterday and was hosted at a private pre-birthday dinner party earlier!

Today, we offer birthday salutations to the beautiful people celebrating the age of Capricorn, as this season make way for the age of Aquarius. And so we say, best wishes to Capricorns:Cap David McRae; the dapperCarlos MaxBrown; the fabSuzanne Campbell; the charmingMichelle Andrea Golding; the lovelyMargaret Owen;Kemar Wilson, in Spanish Town; the lovelyShakira Williams, over in Montego Bay;Richard Leiba, in Vancouver British Colombia, andRobert Jones, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, who all celebrate their birthday today!


Celebrating tomorrow, the 19th, as the curtains close on the age of Capricorn, be: Celebrated architectRivi Gardner; the serenely fabulousJean Morris; the charmingly lovelySue Bradley;Romar Sterling;the engagingLouise Finnikin; the fabPinkrose Lambert;the lovelyKeisha Lewis; andJohn McKinley, now in Sunrise, Florida.

Come Sunday, the 20th, however, the seasons change and it will be the dawning of the age of Aquarius and among those celebrating in this new zodiacal cycle, will be:premier socialiteCarole Issa-Cartade; the lovelyJoan Spence-Trellis; the fabulousMelisea Warner;Terry LeslieandDevon Wint, in Spanish Town; will share birthday honours.

Monday, the 21st, will see:Senator Dr Christopher Tufton; the charming one-time politicoJennifer Newman; businessmanDonovan Brown; north coast habituéJayson Justin Clemons; and the fabJustine Jenkins, in Vancouver; taking birthday honours.

The birthday celebrations continue on Tuesday, the 22nd as: the fabCharisse Maria Kong;Aundre James; the lovelyShernette Gillespie; the fabCarol Green; the charmingWendey Brown; the lovelyChelsea Samuda, over in May Pen; the beautifulCheryl Atkinson, over in Montego Bay; north coast habituéRob Hartman, from Elgin, Illinois; and the lovelySandra Sasha Sachs, now down under in her native Australia; will be among the fab set celebrating their birthdays.

And on Wednesday the 23rd, it will be all about the fab avant garde fashion designer, former model and now inn-keeper, the stunningSandra Kennedy; media personalityJoseph Cox; the beautiful Jeanette Lewis; the lovely Racquel Pinnock; Edward Henry; Evet Rose over in Montego Bay; the fab Janet Fagan, in New York City; Tyrese Taffe, also in New York;Marvet Brown Barnaby, now in Boston; and the fabSabrina Randle Williams, in Chicago, Illinois; who will be the birthday celebrants.

Come next Thursday, the 24th, the celebrations continue as: the celebrated Francois St Justeof FM Fame: Puresounz Dwight Davidson; Kevin Mitchell; and Sean Glynn, in the United Kingdom - will take birthday honours.

Many happy returns all around, with champagne toasts and beluga treats!