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Hospitals off-limits to 'shottas'

Published:Saturday | January 19, 2013 | 12:00 AM


You must never show mercy to anyone who murders an innocent person (paraphrase Deuteronomy 19:13 CEV version, Bible). The Old Testament is an amazing discourse on socio-economic policy and legal advice as to how to maintain a harmonious society.

A man who murdered someone inadvertently was given the provision of escaping to a safe city within which it was not allowed for an irate family member to seek revenge. One who had murdered intentionally, though, if they managed to make it to the safe city, the leaders of the town were to remove him from the safe city and administer the requisite justice.


So important were these safe zones that if an innocent man was murdered in revenge because there was no reasonably near safe zones, the leaders would be guilty of murder.

The recent gun killing of a patient in a hospital bed in the still of the night highlights the need to formally declare in Jamaica specific areas that are considered safe, even for murderers - areas within which they should not be killed unless it was absolutely necessary.

I know Jamaica have a diversity of morals, beliefs, values and attitudes, but I do believe that this is one thing that we can be united on. A declaration from our leaders that hospitals are to be kept safe may go a long way in reducing the chances of this disgusting act ever occurring again.

Who knows? It may just be the start of us uniting with regards to morals, values and attitudes.