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Digicel must improve shoddy customer service

Published:Saturday | January 19, 2013 | 12:00 AM


I feel the need to express my frustration and dissatisfaction with Digicel's poor service. I had hoped that after all the complaints the company received from me through customer service, eventually the problems would have been resolved.

However, Digicel has failed to deliver on any of its promises to me, and I must say I am dissatisfied. Digicel, I've waited for a change ... for days, months, years, and nothing.

I have been a loyal Digicel customer from2001, and I deserve a bit more attention. Apart from its ridiculously high rates, I have seeninstances where after making short phonecalls, usually a minute or less to another Digicel phone, excessiveamounts have been deducted from my account.

I have spoken to numerouscustomer care agents who all seem to be unaware of my claims. To mysurprise, two weeks after my complaint,they sent a text message stating that I had been wrongfully charged and they have added J$8 to my account. This was not the amount deducted from my phone initially. I have been discouraged by the dishonesty I have experienced, and as a result have not added credit to my phone for some time.

I have also had a concern with the signal in my area. I am unable tomake calls inside my house because of a weak signal. I experiencefrequent dropped calls and I had to place my cellphone on my porch inorder to receive stronger signal. At first, I thought my device wasfaulty, but after investigating in my community, I realised I was not the only person experiencing the problem.

I contacted customer careand they assured me that the matter was temporary and would be dealtwith hastily. After seven days of missing important calls and theinconvenience of having to go outside in order to use my cellphone, Ionce again reported the problem. Surprisingly, the customer care agent told me that it was the first time the department was receiving any complaints from thatarea.

Superior competitor?

After enduring the torture, my children thought I deserved a change, and they bought me a LIME phone. I was sceptical at first, as I didn't know what to expect after leaving a network I had been with for so long. But to my surprise, it was apleasant experience; the customer care agents were warm and welcoming and worked very promptly to resolve issues.

I still used myDigicel phone for the first three weeks after joining LIME, so that I could properly notify everyone that my number had changed. Astonishingly, Icouldn't help but notice the significant differencefrom my LIME provider.

The rates, for instance, have been lower and I find I am able to make longer calls for less money than on the other network. It is more expensive to call Digicel to Digicelthan it is to make a call of the same duration from my LIME phone to the Digicel network. It cost me $6.99 to make a call for 31 seconds on Digicel; and a call on LIME for 40 seconds is only $3.61. This is more than 90 per cent savings.

Office of Utilities Regulation, are you aware of this? Now that I am in a position to compare, I feel like I have been ripped off.

Digicel, you must shape up! Your customer service needs to be revamped.


Baptist, St Elizabeth