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Foreman juror's arguments not credible

Published:Saturday | January 19, 2013 | 12:00 AM


The foreman juror's account of the views by his fellow jurors in the Boulevard murder trial, as reported in the Sunday Observer of January 13, are far from convincing, even to the most simplistic mind, and are quite foolish.

The foreman juror claims that most of the jurors wanted to acquit all the accused policemen charged for the 2004 abduction and murder of Kemar Walters and Oliver Duncan. In his echoing of arguments used by lawyers to undermine the main witness at the trial, the foreman juror talked about "interest to serve".

If the comments had not been attributed to him, one would easily believe that the female defence lawyer, who appeared to be the main counsel for all the accused policemen, had spoken to the newspaper.


He also echoed arguments used during the trial to discredit former Deputy Commissioner of Police Mark Shields. The fact remains, the majority of the jurors found one of the policemen guilty of murder. Now, if the main witness and Mr Shields were not credible and convincing, according to the foreman juror, on what evidence was Paul Edwards found guilty of murder?

The media need to get the views of the other jurors, especially how they regard the foreman juror. I am a family member of one of the murdered men, and a lot can and should be exposed about this episode. More will be said when the matter is concluded, whatever the outcome, in the court.

Our Christmas was disrupted in December 2004, and since then we have continued to sing Ziggy Marley's song:

Justice, people say, Justice

Justice, brother say, Justice

Judge me if I am weak

Judge me if I am strong

Judge me days and all life long

They let the baby cry, let the mamma cry

And youths like I and I have to cry

For Justice, one, one, one word prayer

Justice, who, yea, Justice, Justice

Is like a good friend

Who long time we don't see

Why they taking liberty

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Justice, yea, yea, yea

Justice, people say

For I and I, Justice, Justice

Justice, look what they do

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Justice, Justice, the one word prayer

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The poor man cry, why do they do the wrong

Justice, they make me sing this song

Justice, who, yea, woa, mmmh, yea, yea

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Justice, the more the tears

The more, the more we want, Justice, Justice.